Gift Ideas For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Gift Ideas For the Outdoor Enthusiast

November 12, 2019

Shop our gift guides below to find the perfect gift for your loved one, bestie or even yourself!

Car Camping
Stocking Stuffers

Best Gifts for Car Campers and Backpackers

Getting gifts for outdoorsy people can be tricky. There are endless materials, specs and features with strange names like hydrolysis resistant this, ultra collapsible that. With so many considerations whirling around, we went ahead and made it easy for you by putting together a list of guaranteed-to-please, outdoor gear gifts for car campers and backpackers. This is gear that any adventurer, from beginner backpackers to seasoned road trippers, can add to their kit and use for years to come.

Gifts for Car Campers 

Ah, the open road. Your favorite tunes are playing, the kids are laughing in the backseat, all your necessities are packed neatly in the trunk. You take a sip of an ice cold refreshment and let your mind drift to the good times that are waiting just over the horizon. Car camping combines adventure with luxury and once you catch the car camping bug, the next trip is always in the back of your mind.

If you know this feeling, you also know the importance of packing the right gear. Below are a couple of our most recommended pieces of car camping gear. Get something for the car camper in your life and, if you’ve been good this year, get something for yourself too.

#1 Top Pick: Large Cooler: 45 Quart Rotomolded Super Cooler & 80 Quart Rotomolded Super Cooler

Car camping without a cooler is like making s’mores without marshmallows. It just doesn’t work. Car camping with an old, worn out cooler is hardly better. With the Cascade Mountain Tech 45Qt Rotomolded Cooler, you can pack enough snacks and drinks for the whole family and keep it cold for days on end (make sure you’re getting the most out of your cooler by checking out our tips for maximizing cold retention). It’s also a certified bear-resistant cooler, so you can rest easy knowing Smokey won’t raid your stash. For those with a big car, a big family or a big appetite, our 80Qt Rotomolded cooler is the way to go. It’s massive (holds 70 cans, plus ice) and has all the same insulating qualities as the 45Qt.

80 Quart Super Cooler

#2 Top Pick: Ultralight Packable High-Back Camp Chair

Sitting by the fire, watching the stars come out, reminiscing about the good times. Moments of relaxation like this are what many of us are after when we plan our car camping adventures. In those moments a comfortable camp chair, one that you can actually sit back in and rest your head on, is an absolute must-have. Weighing in at less than 4 pounds with a removable head rest that doubles as a lumbar support cushion, our high-back camp chair is both comfortable and easy to haul from car to site. Make sure the car camper in your life is geared up with a couple of these camp chairs so they can kick back around the campfire.

High Back Camping Chair


Gifts for Backpackers

We have gifts that will add comfort and versatility to the backpacking kit. By giving one of these gear gifts to the adventurer in your life, you get to play a role in all their epic wilderness experiences.

#1 Top Pick: Sleeping Pad Set

From beginner backpackers to seasoned vets, there’s one piece of backpacking gear that can’t be left at home: your sleeping pad. When you crawl into your sleeping bag and zip up for the night, having a quality sleeping pad between you and the cold ground is the difference between an uneasy, stop-and-start sleep, and a warm, deep slumber. The Cascade Mountain Tech sleeping pad inflates in as few as 12 breaths, features a water resistant material and comes with an inflatable pillow. 

Camping Sleeping Pad Set

#2 Top Pick: Ultralight Packable Camp Chair

After a long day covering miles of backcountry, nobody wants to sit on a rock while they unwind at camp. At under 2.5 pounds our Ultralight Packable Camp Chair is easy to take anywhere, quick to set up and simple to store when you get home. Whether your giftee is a hardcore trailblazer or just starting to dabble in backpacking, a lightweight chair is a vital piece of gear that will accompany them on countless adventures.

Packable Backpacking Chair

Happy gift buying season from our team to your adventures!


Ranjan Bakshi

Ranjan Bakshi said:

I own three walking sticks. One is folding. The other two ate not folding or opening and hence cannot go in my travel bag. These are TP-Al-TL-EVA-2. How to fold them if you can pl explain. Regards Ranjan.

Cascade Mountain Tech

Cascade Mountain Tech said:

Hi Ranjan, The TP-AL-TL-EVA-2 is not folding so it will not collapse as small as the folding pole you have. It is telescoping though. To collapse into itself you need to twist both the upper and lower twist lock so they are loose then collapse down as far as they will go. Once collapsed tighten the twist locks so they stay collapsed.

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