Multi Function Lantern Flashlight 2 Pack


Experience a small but bright flashlight & lantern in 1

The Multi-Function Lantern Flashlight 2-pack is one of our favorite lanterns at Cascade Mountain Tech. Its small size provides a very convenient light source whenever it's needed.

Fold-down the handle when using it as a flashlight or simply twist the top - pull up, and you have a compact ultra-bright lantern. The lantern position has a convenient metal handle that can be hung on a tree branch or rested on a table. We have designed this lantern to be durable and compact so it can make the whole journey with you during hiking trips in the rain or hot summer nights camping.

Purchase with confidence: All Cascade Mountain Tech Lighting products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty and Return Policy Details


  • ULTRA BRIGHT: 200 Lumens in a compact size - easily pack for camping or store at home
  • 2-in-1 Combo: Both a flashlight and lantern in one small handheld light. Simply pull to extend and the flashlight becomes a lantern.
  • 6 AAA Batteries Included - 3 per light
  • Comes with 2 lanterns
  • Multiple light settings: Bright, normal, and emergency strobe

Home Preparedness: 

  • Place in the garage for looking for those hard to find tools
  • In the laundry room for emergencies
  • Add as a gift to your favorite person!

Multiple Light Settings:

  • High
  • Low
  • Strobe – For Emergency Alert
  • Dimmer (flashlight mode) – zoom feature


  • Flashlight - 4” high when collapsed to hold as a flashlight
  • Lantern - 5.5” high when extended to sit or hang as a lantern
  • Diameter - 1.5” (approximately)
  • Weight - 4.5 oz or .27 lbs (for one lantern)

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