The Adventure 30 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag


The Adventure 30⁰ Mummy Sleeping Bag lets you sleep in comfort during your next epic trip. Whether you are backpacking in the Summer, Spring, or Fall the Adventure series was designed with features to get you to your next destination. The hood cinch cord paired with a full draft collar and the draft tube will seal out the cold and keep you toasty warm all night long. Each of our bags features a full-length zipper to keep you snug and to enable easy access for late-night bathroom breaks. Straps on the bottom of the bag allow you to secure a sleeping pad and avoid slippage as you doze off under the stars. The compression stuff sack will allow you to condense your bag down tight for an extremely packable bag.

Purchase with confidence: All Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Bedding products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty and Return Policy Details


  • 100% recycled Polyester eco-friendly synthetic insulation
  • Soft-brushed liner fabric retains warmth for comfortable sleeping in cool conditions
  • Durable hypoallergenic quilted outer material, tough enough to handle all terrains
  • Water resistant Ripstop material
  • Temp rating 30+ degrees (Fahrenheit)
  • Insulated draft tube prevents heat loss
  • Pillow pocket large enough to fit most normal sized bed pillows!
  • Pillow included - 19" x 10" x 4.25"
  • Ergonomic 3-D patterned hood with pillow pocket and cinch strap to keep out the cold
  • Dual zippers for venting
  • Accessory chest pocket
  • 3-D toe box, for maximum comfort up to a size 12 shoe
  • Compression pack to condense bag down to appropriate travel size
  • Adjustable/removable sleeping pad straps (sleeping pad not included)

For maximum comfort, add one of our sleeping pads:


  • LENGTH: 78"
  • WEIGHT: 3 lbs 7 oz
  • PACKED SIZE (Not Compressed): 16" x 10" x 10"
  • Compressed pack size will vary based upon pack tightness and stuffing method
  • Most comfortable for users 6 ft and under.


  • COVER: 100% Polyester Ripstop
  • LINING: 100% Brushed Polyester
  • FILL: 100% Recycled Polyester

Helpful Blog Posts:

What to Know When Buying a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag FAQs

Cascade Mountain Tech sleeping bags are EN rated, we recommend getting the bag with a rating 20-25 degree colder than the expected temperatures.

You can wash the sleeping bag in a front load washer or top load washer without an agitator on gentle settings with cold water. Dry on low/no heat or hang dry using the hang loops at the foot of the bag.

No. These sleeping bags cannot be zipped together.

The best way to store the sleeping bag is in the included stuff sack. We recommend not tightening the compression sack when putting the bag away for long term storage. Unlike down, synthetic fill will not be affected by extended storage in a stuff sack. However, not tightening the compression straps on the stuff sack will help the bag retain its shape after long-term storage.

Prior to storing your bag, ensure that it is clean and dry. If the bag is wet or needs to be cleaned, use the hanging loops at the foot of the bag to hang dry.

The sleeping bag is fully hypoallergenic. Sleeping bags are made of 100% Polyester material except for the zipper and cinch hood which are also made of hypoallergenic materials (metal, plastic and rubber.) The bags are also latex free.

Care for your pillow the same way you would care for your sleeping bag – wash in a front load dryer or top load dryer without an agitator on gentle cycle with cold water. Dry on low/no heat or air dry.

In order to retain softness and breathability the pillow is not coated with a water-resistant material and is not waterproof.

The straps on the bottom of the bag are designed to hold a sleeping pad or mat in place underneath your bag. This helps ensure that you won’t roll off your pad or mat during the night. The straps are removable, and they can be tightened or loosened to accommodate any size sleeping pad or mat and some inflatable twin mattresses.

The hood cinches with a single cinch pull near the top of the zipper with a stopper that keeps the hood cinched at the desired position.

The stuff sack is designed for the user to stuff the bag into the sack. Rolling the sleeping bag is not necessary. Once the bag is fully stuffed into the sack, the user should tighten the draw string. With the draw string fully tightened, pull the cover of the sleeping bag over the draw string opening so it is fully covered. Snap the two male ends of the side-release buckles into their corresponding female receivers. You may have to loosen the compression straps in order to snap the buckles in. Once the buckles have been snapped in, tighten the compression straps to reduce the size of the stored bag.

TIP: We find it easiest to stuff the sleeping bag into the stuff sack by starting with the hood and the pillow inserted into its pocket and ending with stuffing the foot box into the sack.