Large LED Camping Lantern


Illuminate your surroundings with this super bright LED lantern

The Cascade Mountain Tech Large LED Utility Lantern puts out up to 1000 lumens of the bright LED light. Powered by 8D batteries (not included), this lantern is an ideal light source for camping, backyard BBQs, power outages and other emergency situations when battery-powered lighting saves the day.


Purchase with confidence: All Cascade Mountain Tech Lighting products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty and Return Policy Details


  • Carabiner handle for attaching to tree limbs, ropes, tents, etc.

  • Impact & water-resistant

  • USB charging port to charge phones and other small electronics

* To turn on the charging port, hold down the power button until the blue light turns on below the USB port. When USB not in use, be sure to hold down the power button until the blue light turns off. This will help preserve your battery
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty; 2.5 lb without batteries, 4.9 lbs with batteries

  • Uses 8D batteries (not included)

    • 3 levels of light


1000 Lumens

44 Hr Battery Life


500 Lumens

75 Hr Battery Life


100 Lumens

250 Hr Battery Life


*If fresh batteries are placed correctly in the lantern and the lantern does not work, check the connection points.  You may need to gently lift a connection point to ensure full contact for each of the batteries. See diagram below*

*Note: USB Port is OUTPUT ONLY and cannot be used to recharge the LED Utility Lantern. Charge capacity varies based on type and charge of batteries used. Running lantern and USB charging simultaneously may cause light to flicker.


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