Cascade Oasis Pickup Pool


Take fun in the sun to a whole new level with your Cascade Oasis Pickup Pool. If barbeques, music festivals, R.V. Parks, and tailgates are calling your name, make them even more epic with the Pickup Pool. The Pickup Pool fits most standard and short bed trucks making it an easy addition to any warm weather event. Set up and clean up are easy and painless. The Pickup Pool will only add to your fun outdoor getaway, even if it's just in the driveway!


  • One size fits most: Use in standard and short bed truck beds
  • Sits on top of wheel wells
    • Easy to Inflate: 2 layer air chamber design 
    • Comfortable: Built-in seat cushion
    • Convenient: 4 cup holders
    • Easy Set-Up & Clean-Up: 2 way inflate/deflate valves
    • Built to last: Made with durable PVC plastic material
    • Repair tape included: Measures 4" x 5" 
    • Note: Air pump is not included


    • Weight: 14lbs
    • Material: PVC
    • Inflated Dimensions: 66" x 62" x 21"

    WARNING: Be sure to read all instructions and warnings before using the Pickup Pool to ensure safety.

    Pickup Pool FAQs

    When filled to the maximum fill line, the pool holds about 300 gallons. Never fill your Pickup Pool past the indicated fill line which can be seen on the inside walls of the pool.

    We recommend always checking the maximum payload capacity of the truck before use. Be sure to consider the added weight of water and people.

    This depends on the size of your truck. If your pickup truck has a short or standard bed size then the pickup pool will not fit. However, if your pickup truck has a long bed then it should be able to fit depending on the size of toolbox you have. We recommend measuring the inside of your truck bed with the toolbox in it and referencing the inflated pool dimensions to determine if you have enough room for the pool to fit. 

    Inflate the lower chamber first, followed by the upper chamber, and lastly the inflatable bench seat.

    The Pickup Pool will fit in most standard and short bed pickup trucks. However the best suited truck models will be large/heavy duty trucks like the Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, or larger. The pool will sit on top of the wheel wells.

    Step 1: Clear the area around the pool, take special care to get all electronics and other items that could be damaged by flooding water.

    Step 2: Open the tailgate and unplug the lower cap of the inflation valve on both air chambers. Press down on the air chamber near the tailgate to help facilitate water flow out of the pool and the chambers deflate.

    Step 3: Lift the pool from the cab side to help pour out remaining water.

    Step 1: First find the leak by mixing water and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture over the area you suspect there is a leak. If there is a leak, bubbles should begin to form around the puncture.
    Step 2: Clean the area around the leak with warm water and mild soap. Rinse clean and thoroughly dry.
    Step 3: Using scissors, cut the included repair tape to size leaving an extra 2 cm of tape on all sides larger than the size of the hole.
    Step 4: After making certain that the area is thoroughly dry, peel off the backing of the repair tape and place sticky side down over the center of the puncture. Press firmly and be sure to push any air bubbles to the edges of the tape. If possible, place a weight on the repair tape to keep firm while is sets
    Step 5: Do not inflate the pool for at least one hour after patching.

    First be sure that your pool has been flipped upside down to dry thoroughly. Then after you deflate your pool, we recommend folding and storing it in a dry area where it is sheltered from weather and extreme temperatures.

    No. Never operate the vehicle while the pool is in the truck bed. There is an EXTREME risk of personal injury or death to yourself and others as well as an EXTREME risk of causing damage to your vehicle. For full safety warnings please read the entire instruction booklet.

    Yes, the inflatable tubes that makeup the side walls of the pool are made to perfectly sit on top of the wheel wells in a truck bed. 

    Because of the double walls, this pickup pool can stand on its own without the support of truck bed walls. If you are going to use this pool in places other than a truck bed, be sure to use proper safety precautions and avoid placing it in areas with sharp objects or debris.

    No it does not. However, the tailgate should be closed and the truck should NEVER be driven or otherwise operated with a pool in the bed.

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