Hiking Trekking Poles for Any Enthusiast

Hiking Trekking Poles

Cascade Mountain Tech offers a wide selection of hiking trekking poles, with different poles to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast. Using the right type of trekking pole and accessories will save your joints and alleviate stress on the body, allowing you to enjoy your hikes now and in the future.

A trekking pole will make your ascent uphill much easier and cushion the blow to your knees and joints when descending downhill. The use of the right length and type of hiking pole is also proven to help hikers maintain a rhythm and increase speed whether hiking uphill, downhill or across flat terrain.

The team at Cascade Mountain Tech is always available to help you choose the hiking pole and options that are best for you.

Trekking Pole Options and Accessories

The type of trekking pole and accessories you choose will depend on the type of hiking you plan to do. Trekking poles, sometimes called hiking poles, are available in lightweight carbon fiber or stronger, more sturdy aluminum. Various parts and accessories can outfit your hiking trekking pole to provide the right stability for your terrain and the right support for your body.

  • Carbon fiber trekking poles – this material is lighter weight than aluminum, making it a good choice for long hikes and when you travel with your poles.
  • Aluminum trekking poles – versatile material which is sturdy and durable, aluminum poles can take a beating. While a bit heavier than carbon fiber poles, you may not notice unless you need weight conservation.
  • Ultra-light carbon fiber – made of 100% carbon fiber, these ultra-light poles are 30% lighter than standard carbon fiber trekking poles.
  • 3K Carbon fiber – 3k carbon fiber with a 2 x 2 weave provides additional durability to withstand force both vertically and horizontally.

Cascade Mountain Tech offers hiking poles manufactured in these quality materials with all items subjected to rigorous testing and quality audits. We believe that anyone can access the great trails, camp sites and vast outdoors and that you don’t need a fortune to do it. We offer a wide selection of hiking poles and accessories including:

  • Grip handles in cork or EVA
  • Padded and adjustable wrist straps
  • Tip accessories:
    • Rubber tips and boot tips
    • Snow baskets
    • Sand and mud baskets
  • Quick lock or Twist lock for easy height adjustment
  • Replacement pole sections: upper, middle, lower

We know that stuff happens when you’re in the wild, which is why we offer to replace only the parts or sections that you need.

Hiking Trekking Pole Benefits

Trekking poles provide a lot of support when hiking, walking or backpacking through various environments and surfaces. Using trekking poles alleviates a lot of pressure on your joints and helps to reduce impact over time, allowing you to enjoy many hikes to come.

Using the right hiking poles will help you to keep your footing when encountering obstacles such as rocky terrain, streams, rivers and puddles. You burn more calories and stimulate your core muscles when using hiking trekking poles for balance, while maintaining a consistent rhythm.

Cascade Mountain Tech is founded on the belief that exploration belongs to everyone. We are dedicated to providing achievable adventure to all and to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. Contact us to learn more about our affordable and accessible gear including hiking trekking poles.