Carbon Fiber Monopod with Mossy Oak Elements Contour Pattern


Cascade Mountain Tech's Mossy Oak Elements Contour Pattern Carbon Fiber Monopods are a great new companion that all photographers, hunters, and hikers have been waiting for. Covered in Mossy Oak's Elements Contour pattern, this carbon fiber monopod can be used as a trekking pole, gun rest, camera mount, and smart phone mount. What more could you need?

Purchase with confidence: All Cascade Mountain Tech Monopods come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty and Return Policy Details

Features Include:

  • Mossy Oak Elements Contour pattern on upper section
  • Shaft Material: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Material: Cork Grip with EVA down grip
  • Locking Mechanism: Quick Lock
  • Single Pole Weight: 8.6 oz (without rubber tips)
  • Pole Lengths:
    • Fully Collapsed 28.5” 
    • Fully Extended 60”
    • Disassembled: Upper; 24" Middle; 21.5" Lower; 21.25"
  • Tip Material: Tungsten carbide
  • Removable Top: Exposes built-in DSLR universal camera mount which fits most cameras and camcorders.
  • Anti-Shock Feature: No
  • Accessories include:
    • Mud Baskets (one for each pole ordered)
    • Snow Baskets (one for each pole ordered)
    • Rubber Tips (one for each pole ordered)
    • Smart Phone Mounting Accessory:
      • Adjustable to fit most smart phones
      • 2 mounting positions:
        • Photography (vertical)
        • Selfie (horizontal)
    • V-Shaped Shooting Mount Accessory
    • Larger Zipper Carry Bag (for poles)
      • Includes small zipper pocket for accessories

 Spare Parts Available for this monopod:

  • Upper - Mossy Oak Elements Contour Pattern Carbon Fiber Quick Lock (Shop Here)
  • Middle - Carbon Fiber Quick Lock (Shop Here)
  • Lower - Carbon Fiber Quick Lock (Shop Here(Recommended if tungsten carbide tip needs to be replaced)

Replacement Accessories Available for this monopod:

Shop all our trekking pole replacement parts to get a bent or broken pole back in action without replacing the whole set!

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