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Bhoomi Gadhia
Bhoomi Gadhia | Mountaineering | California

What is your greatest triumph in the outdoors?

"I am so proud of myself for going on a successful 3 days kayaking trip in Alaska in the open ocean– did not see a single soul and truly enjoyed the rugged outdoors!"

Brian Dickinson | Mountaineering | Pacific Northwest

Why is access to the outdoors important to you?

 "Outdoor adventures are what life worth living. The clarity we get from being outdoors is unmatched!"

KJ and Sarah | Hiking | New England

How did you first access the great outdoors?

 "Both of our parents brought us camping and hiking growing up, so we have always loved being outdoors. We got pretty busy with school and sports so we ended up spending less time outdoors. After college and with COVID-19 happening, we fell in love with hiking and exploring again. Traveling is really important to us and being able to travel to cool national and state parks renewed our love for hiking."

Jamie Wise | Hiking | Pacific Northwest

What is your greatest triumph in the outdoors?

 "Climbing Rainier, Baker, Glacier Peak, Adams, and Mount Saint Helens all this year. If you asked me a year ago, I would have laughed if you told me I’d summit WA 5 tallest volcanoes in my first year of hiking. I also completed the JMT this year."

Mateo Headrick | Hunting + Cooking | California

Where do you really want to go and why?

 "I want to go everywhere. Because: Why Not? Diving the Great Barrier Reef. Summit Kilimanjaro. Foothills of the Himalayas."