Founded in the Pacific Northwest by outdoor enthusiasts who believe that exploration belongs to everyone, Cascade Mountain Tech has been dedicated to the idea of achievable adventure since day one. Offering a selection of quality gear for outdoor adventures, we aim to make time in the outdoors more enjoyable, more affordable, and more accessible for everyone. 

As a part of that commitment we're expanding our story to include the “Outbounders”, our official ambassadors.  Each season we’ll assemble a group of outdoor go-getters – real world adventurers whose stories and photos will inspire us to hit the road, hit the trail and get out there.  

If you are interested in being an Outbounder in coming seasons, fill out this short form and we’ll add you to the list of adventurers we’re considering!


Michelle Gigger | Hiking | Mountain West 


Rafael Wiley-Godoi | Car Camping | Pacific Northwest


Abigale Nelson | Camping | Pacific Northwest


As a native Hawaiian, I have an innate love for and connection to the land. Swinging in a hammock among tall trees, paddling in a kayak on my favorite local lake, or among the red rocks of the desert is my favorite place to be. 

Growing up in Brazil, I was introduced to the great outdoors on a very young age. My parents were for sure the responsible for my love towards my adventurous lifestyle. I love the water, and easily find myself on the lake.

A couple years ago a friend recommended that I sit down and write a list of things that make me genuinely happy. I noticed I wrote down everything that had to do with the great outdoors and I knew my heart belonged in the great outdoors!

Paxton Hall | Mountaineering | Pacific Northwest

@Paxton Hall

Jordan Ingmire | Car Camping | Pacific Northwest


I grew up participating in boy scouts, skiing with
my family every winter, and going to a YMCA sailing camp each summer.Lately I’ve been loving ski touring up to Camp Muir on Rainier.
Being without nature is a scary thought. Nature is a part of me and beyond me. Keeping just beyond the perimeter of the mainstream, I found an unobstructed view point when looking in.