Founded in the Pacific Northwest by outdoor enthusiasts who believe that exploration belongs to everyone, Cascade Mountain Tech has been dedicated to the idea of achievable adventure since day one. Offering a selection of quality gear for outdoor adventures, we aim to make time in the outdoors more enjoyable, more affordable, and more accessible for everyone.

As a part of that commitment we're expanding our story to include the “Outbounders”, our official ambassadors. Each season we’ll assemble a group of outdoor go-getters – real world adventurers whose stories and photos will inspire us to hit the road, hit the trail and get out there.

If you are interested in being an Outbounder in coming seasons, fill out this short form and we’ll add you to the list of adventurers we’re considering!

Dillon Crippen | Backpacking | Pacific Northwest
Growing up in Oregon I was never far from the outdoors. The adventure bug has always been inside me but it wasn’t until six years ago when a good friend of mine introduced me to backpacking where I truly began to expand my horizons. 

Rafael Wiley-Godoi | Camping + Hiking | Pacific Northwest
Growing up in Brazil, I was introduced to the great outdoors on a very young age. My parents were for sure the responsible for my love towards my adventurous lifestyle. I love the water, and easily find myself on the lake.

Frank Colorado | Hiking | Colorado
I was in the Boy Scouts as a kid and I quickly found freedom from the stresses of life in the outdoors. A mentor of mine, my older brother, shared with me the basics and fun of survival. My favorite place to be is in the mountains on a nice trail.

Jamie Wise | Hiking | Pacific Northwest
I didn't grow up in a very outdoorsy family and didn't really get exposed to the great outdoors until later in life, but I can thank my best friend for pushing me to go hiking with her. It just took a couple of times, and I was hooked. The outdoors grounds me. It reminds me of who I am and makes me feel alive.

Morgan Nankivell | Sailing + Hiking | North East

Access to the outdoors is important for me personally because it makes me feel connected to a greater purpose in life. The outdoors is a place I can connect with the big picture, as well as challenge myself in a way that makes me feel the most alive. I also think access in general is super important, and making the outdoors more accessible to more people is something we should strive for.