Trekking Pole Guide

Directions for Use of Trekking Poles:

Pole Length Adjustment – Adjust poles to your desired length by twisting lower section(s) counter clock wise until section telescopes up and down. Tighten the section by twisting clock wise while holding the upper section. Repeat this step on both sections until pole is at the desired length.

Pole Height Adjustment – Can depend on users height and personal preference. The type of terrain and steepness/grade may also impact the users preferred pole length.

Strap Adjustment – Pull on the short end of the strap to shorten the strap. Pull up on the top looped portion of the strap to loosen/lengthen the strap.

Removing & Installing Baskets – Install trekking or snow basket by threading onto the tip and turn clockwise until the basket is firmly tightened. Remove by unscrewing counter clockwise. Turning On & Off Anti-Shock- To turn anti-shock on, tighten the middle section clockwise; then back off 1/4 turn. To turn anti-shock off, twist the pole's middle section clockwise until firmly tightened. **Our Trekking Poles are currently available at TJ Max and Marshall's. They will be available at all US Costco Wholesale stores in mid-March of 2012. Thank you for your interest!


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