Carbon Fiber Twist Lock Trekking Poles Cork Grip


Cascade Mountain Tech Twist Lock Trekking Poles are perfect for every outdoor enthusiast. These poles feature a “twist lock” for easy height adjustment.

Features Include:

  • Shaft Material: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Material: Cork
  • Locking Mechanism: Twist Lock
  • Single Pole Weight (without rubber tips): 8oz
  • Pole length:
    • Fully Collapsed 26"
    • Fully Extended 54"
    • Disassembled: Upper; 20.75" Middle; 20" Lower; 21.25"
  • Tip Material: Tungsten Carbide
  • Anti-Shock Feature: Yes
  • 4 Sets of Additional Tip Covers Include: Boots, Mud Baskets, Snow Baskets and Small Tips

Spare Parts Available for this pole:

  • Upper - Carbon Fiber Twist Lock Cork Grip - (Shop Here)
  • Middle - Carbon Fiber Twist Lock Cork Grip - (Shop Here)
  • Lower - Carbon Fiber Twist Lock Cork Grip - (Shop Here)

 Shop our trekking pole replacement parts to get a bent or broken pole back in action without replacing the whole set. The Cascade Mountain ultra-light trekking poles are perfect for any and every outdoor adventure!



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