Ultra Strong Stadium Seat with Back Support Extra Wide


Stadium Seats with Back Support 

Stadium seats with back support allow you to cheer on your favorite team in comfort.   Stadium seats with backs help to prevent backache and fatigue, whether supporting your child’s multiple games and practices or cheering for your favorite sports team into overtime.  Cascade Mountain Tech understands your need to be there for the team while appreciating your need for comfortable seating. 

Our stadium seats are quality made with a comfortable seat and backrest, an under-mount stabilizer bar and a folding design for easy portability.  We combine durability with comfort in our stadium seats with backs for long days without fatigue.


 Stadium Seats with Backs for any Superfan 

Cascade Mountain Tech offers durable and comfortable stadium seats with back support for any superfan, with various models to choose from.  Our comfortable canvas seats with backrests come in four models including:

  • Ultralight Stadium Seat Regular – lightweight, aluminum frame with a padded seat and bungee reinforcements. Choose from 6 color options in tough canvas with a water resistant coating.  This chair is 17” wide and weighs3 lbs., with a cushioned handle and shoulder strap for easy transport.
  • Ultralight Stadium Seat Extra Wide – lightweight, aluminum frame includes a padded seat with bungee reinforcements. This model is 20” wide and weighs 5.6 lbs., with a cushioned handle and shoulder strap for easy transport.
  • Ultra-Strong Stadium Seat Regular – constructed with a steel frame for added durability. Includes a padded seat with bungee reinforcements and folds for easy transport.  The Ultra Strong stadium seat with back support is 17” wide and weighs 8 lbs.


  • Ultra-Strong Stadium Seat Extra Wide – constructed with a durable steel frame, tough canvas and a padded seat. This ultra-strong, extra wide stadium seat is 20” wide and weighs 8.5 lbs.

All models of our stadium seats with back support include a bottom hook to secure to the bleacher for stable seating and come with a 250 lb. weight capacity.


Stadium Seat Replacement Backs 

Cascade Mountain Tech believes in making outdoor adventure accessible to everyone, which is why we offer stadium seat replacement backs. Why buy a whole new chair when all you need is a new back support?  A replacement back is available for both our regular sized stadium chairs and our wide stadium chairs.  Whether looking for a lightweight or stronger chair, regular width or wide, we’ve got you covered with quality, durable stadium seats with backs for comfort during any long event.

Cascade Mountain Tech was founded by outdoor enthusiasts, dedicated to making exploration available to everyone.  Our products are rigorously tested for quality construction and performance.  Contact us with any questions and to explore our options of stadium seats with back support.


    Screen Printing Recommendation 
      • Keep lines as thick as possible, especially when printing on mesh material.
      • Keep the heat as low as possible
      • Avoid using flash
      • Additives - Low cure additives or low cure inks are HIGHLY recommended
      • NO BUTT REGISTRATION - We recommend printers create a "channel" between touching colors to reduce the need for flash use
      • NO UNDERBASE - Stacking Colors (under base with top color) risks misregistration due to intermediate heat step
    ** Typically the best results for consistency have come from single color customization designs. It can also be valuable to apply a quick heat and pressure "kiss" using a heat press to the final cured print.
    Heat Applied Graphics Recommendations 
      • Use materials that can adhere at 320 degrees or less if possible
      • Protect seat back from the heat by using Teflon sheet over all exposed material
      • For multi-color prints, a digital printable heat applied material is recommended
      • CAUTION: exposing the entire seatback to heat and pressure can cause areas of the seatback that have a double layer to adhere together and close. PULL APART IMMEDIATELY!