Ultra Strong Stadium Seat Regular


Screen Printing Recommendation 
    • Keep lines as thick as possible, especially when printing on mesh material.
    • Keep the heat as low as possible
    • Avoid using flash
    • Additives - Low cure additives or low cure inks are HIGHLY recommended
    • NO BUTT REGISTRATION - We recommend printers create a "channel" between touching colors to reduce the need for flash use
    • NO UNDERBASE - Stacking Colors (under base with top color) risks misregistration due to intermediate heat step
** Typically the best results for consistency have come from single color customization designs. It can also be valuable to apply a quick heat and pressure "kiss" using a heat press to the final cured print.
Heat Applied Graphics Recommendations 
    • Use materials that can adhere at 320 degrees or less if possible
    • Protect seat back from the heat by using Teflon sheet over all exposed material
    • For multi-color prints, a digital printable heat applied material is recommended
    • CAUTION: exposing the entire seatback to heat and pressure can cause areas of the seatback that have a double layer to adhere together and close. PULL APART IMMEDIATELY!