Cascade Mountain Tech Staff Picks

Cascade Mountain Tech Staff Picks

When looking to buy new gear, you want to make sure you are getting the inside scoop and authentic reviews of people who really know the product. Nobody knows Cascade Mountain Tech gear better than our hard working and uber-knowledgeable staff. These folks touch, use, dissect and ponder these pieces of gear daily. So, we extracted their deep-seated knowledge to bring you the Cascade Mountain Tech Staff Picks. These are their favorite products and the reasons why.

#1: Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles With Cork Grip


Several members of the team chose the Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles as their top choice because of their light weight, strength and support provided. Cascade Mountain Tech offers several options in carbon fiber poles including Cork Grip, EVA grip and newest 3K Carbon Fiber.

"One of my favorite products right now is our Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole with Cork Grip, especially our newest color in white. I had never used trekking poles prior to working at Cascade Mountain Tech and now I don’t go on hikes without them! These ones are super easy to use and lightweight. Plus they look so good." - Jessie (Ecommerce Business Manager)

"My second favorite is the carbon fiber trekking poles with cork grip. I like them because they’re very strong/durable, lightweight, and not overpriced. They allow you to have a good grip on slick or difficult surfaces giving you more security on difficult terrain." - Rick (CEO)

"I always carry a pair of our Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles when hiking. I use the current orange logo that can be purchased at Costco Whether I’m going uphill or downhill, I know I that can count on my trekking poles to provide stability and support when taking my next step." - Efren (Account Manager)

#2: Sleeping Pads

Person folding orange sleeping pad

We believe catching some quality Z's at the end of an adventure-packed day is essential, that's why the staff loves Cascade Mountain Tech sleeping pads. Lightweight, easy to pack, and extra comfortable, our sleeping pads are a must-have item in your camping kit this season. We have a variety of sleeping pads to choose from: insulated, inflatable, and ultralight - so you can sleep well no matter where your adventures take you.

"The insulated sleep pad is my favorite pad because of the extra insulation it offers and therefore extra protection it gives you from feeling the cold from the ground you’re sleeping on. The Premium Inflatable Camping Pillow it comes with is extra soft because of its soft brushed polyester material too. In addition, because of the extra thickness, the pad helps assure you’re going to get a good nights rest even when you get stuck with a rockier camp spot." - Emily (Ecommerce Associate)

"The real purpose of a sleeping pad is to insulate your body from the cold ground, which this does great. But I really like how this is actually comfortable to sleep on too. I’ve used similar low profile sleeping pads from other brands, but they’re just not quite as comfortable because they still feel like you’re sleeping on hard ground. Plus the CMT sleeping pad isn’t exhausting to inflate,… you might even say it’s a real… ‘Breeze’." - Eric (Product Development)

"I was thrilled when we added the inflatable sleeping pad to our product line last year. I spend a lot of my summer camping with friends, which means sleeping on the ground. Our sleep pad packs down small enough to be my backpacking go-to, but is comfortable enough to be in my car camping kit as well. At the end of this summer, I took it on a 827 mile off-road motorcycle trip around Oregon. When other riders' sleep pads deflated throughout the night or outright failed, my CMT Sleep Pad held up and kept me comfortable. My new favorite camping trick is to put a t-shirt over my inflatable pillow as a makeshift pillow case." - Jeff (President)

#3: Ultralight Packable High-Back Camp Chair


Cascade Mountain Tech offers a few different types of chairs but the top pick amongst the staff was the ULTRALIGHT PACKABLE HIGH-BACK CAMP CHAIR WITH SAND FEET.

"The Ultralight Packable High Back Camp Chair is my favorite Cascade Mountain Tech product. My boyfriend and I really enjoy watching each other in our respective sports (I do roller derby and bowl skating, while he plays frisbee and skateboards). These chairs are so easy to pack up and move. When we’re at frisbee tournaments and he has to move fields, I am always the first over to the next field! Plus it's very comfortable, almost like a mini hammock. Whenever I go camping with friends and I get up to grab a drink or another marshmallow, I have to steal it back every time I leave my seat!" - Emily (Ecommerce Associate)

"Comfy, lightweight, easy to set up." - Evelyn (Assistant Ecommerce Business Manager)

"The high back chair at Costco is my favorite item. Love the color combination along with the compact size and extreme low weight of the item. It definitely is an attention getter and everyone is always wanting more information on this item or wanting to personally give it a try. Due to compact size, I can pack it on a flight, throw itin the trunk of the car, grab it for a kids sporting event, take it to the beach (multi terrain feet) or virtually anywhere" - Brian (Vice President of Sales)

"The High-Back Camp Chair with Sand Feet is my favorite chair for camping, a day in the park, or a day at the beach. It is so light, easy to set up, and VERY comfortable." - Megan (Customer Service)

#4: Adventure Pack Blanket


The Adventure Pack Blanket is new this year and has quickly become a favorite. Several team members have made sure to include them has stocking stuffers for this years holiday gifts.

"My second favorite Cascade Mountain Tech product is the Adventure Pack Blanket. It is lightweight, durable, and warm which makes it perfect for winter nights around the campfire or reading in my hammock. It also provides the perfect amount of extra warmth when car camping." - Emily (Ecommerce Associate)

"With Winter fast approaching, the new Adventure Pack Blanket is a great to keep in the car for outdoor events and is also great for camping" - Steve (Vice President of Product Lines)

"One of my most favorite Cascade Mountain Tech items is the Adventure Pack Blanket. This blanket lives in the back of my car and always comes in handy!" - Megan (Customer Service)

"My favorite product is our blanket. It is so versatile, I'm always using it. We use it in our TV room to snuggle up for movies or on our covered back porch because we live in Seattle and it is cold for about 10 months out of the year at night. We also use it to watch our kids playing sports." - Dana (Vice President of Business Development)

#5: 3K Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles


The 3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole has quickly become a favorite of several Cascade Mountain Tech team members. It provides further durability than the original Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles but remains light weight.

"Extremely durable and light. I also really like the graphics and cork grip." - Rieley (Warehouse Account Manager)

"Great for mountaineering and long approaches. Sturdy and durable. I have had the same pair for almost three years. Saved my life on Mount Rainier once (self-arrest)." - Andrew (Accounting)

"Before joining the CMT team, I was a trekking pole skeptic. I had never used a pair nor even considered it. After my first use though, I became a firm believer. With or without a heavy pack, trekking poles help with my stability and posture on uphill climbs and really take the pressure off my knees and ankles on steep downhills. I have a tendency to be hard on my gear, so my trekking pole of choice is the 3K Carbon Fiber with Cork Grip which is our strongest carbon fiber pole – plus, it looks cool. Whether I’m going for multiple days or just a quick hike after work, I always take my 3K poles with me." - Jeff (President)

Other Top Picks

Low Profile Camp Chair:

"My second favorite is our Low Profile Camp Chair. While we call it a camp chair, I use it more often for concerts or the beach. The local concerts in the summer which allow you to bring your own chair have a height limit. These are low enough where I don’t block those behind me and can still sit comfortably while watching the show." - Jessie (Ecommerce Business Manager)

"Our Low-Profile Camp Chairs are not only great for cozying up near the campfire but are my go-to for sitting in the backyard on a warm summer day. The convenient carry case and folding design allow you to quickly pack your seat and take it on the next adventure." - Evelyn (Assistant Ecommerce Business Manager)

Lightweight Backpacking Camp Chair:

"They are extremely light, portable, convenient, and comfortable in almost any setting. I always keep two in my trunk and they never cease to come in handy." - Rieley (Warehouse Account Manager)

"Great for quick river trips. Easy to carry and lightweight." - Andrew (Accounting)

Deluxe Water Sports Pool Noodles: "My favorite product is the water sports pool noodles. They’re extremely buoyant and soft to the touch. Not only do they feel nice, but they’re great for having fun with your family in the pool or the lake." - Rick (CEO)

Ultralight Carbon Fiber 2 Section Trekking Poles: "High quality product at a great price point. Can’t beat the combination of price, quality, and weight on these making them a perfect fit for the whole family. Even if you want to challenge yourself and go without trekking poles on a difficult ascent or descent, these are still worthwhile to carry on each and every hike, even if they are just collapsed and strapped in your pack. I don’t use them on every hike, but with the nominal weight I always have them with me in the mountains."
Alan (Controller)

Deluxe Padded Stadium Seat: "Our new Deluxe Padded Stadium Seat is the most comfortable seat we have designed and is my favorite product to take to athletic events for me and my family." - Steve (Vice President of Product Lines)

80 Quart Rotomolded Cooler: "My pick would be the 80 qt rotomolded cooler. It’s great for vacations, camping, hunting, fishing and keeping beverages cold for a loooong time!" - Peter (Vice President of Corporate Accounts)

500 Lumen Pop Up Mini Lantern: "I also love the new 500 lumen pop up mini lantern. Three lanterns including Duracell batteries is a great price at $32.99. Or shop on for an even better $27.99. Durable/lightweight aluminum housing with multi functions (high, low, nightlight, flash red) it serves any purpose. The light output on high is extremely bright and will light up a large area with plenty to spare. The pop up design makes the lantern space saving and I can ensure it will not get damaged. Most people are not aware that the light shade is actually removable and there is a hook on the bottom that you can actually hang the light upside down (with the shade removed) and it becomes a full area light shining downward." - Brian (Vice President of Sales)

CMT Staff’s Favorite CMT Products + Why - Hiking Poles Trailhead

There you go! You’ve got the inside scoop, the down low, the skinny on which CMT gear the people closest to CMT love and why. We hope this guide is helpful as you shop new gear for the upcoming year! From tech specs to colorways, the reasons to add a CMT piece to your gear closet are wide ranging. What’s yours? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Mike Killacky

    LOVE the packable high back chairs!! They fit in the hard bags on my motorcycle and offer a super comfy seat wherever I go.

  • Mike Killacky

    LOVE the packable high back chairs!! They fit in the hard bags on my motorcycle and offer a super comfy seat wherever I go.

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