Introducing the New Hammock Chair

Introducing the New Hammock Chair

In the world of outdoor gear there were hammocks and there were chairs, two completely separate items with completely separate uses. No longer is this the case. The miracle of modern science has brought these two beloved camp staples together in a hybrid blend that offers any gear closet an upgrade in comfort: the camping hammock chair. It’s a loungey, spacious unit that still packs down small. It's a comfort-conscious adventurer’s best friend. But what really makes a hammock chair different from other camp chairs? What specs set it apart? And what are five places you’ll never want to go without it? We unpack these questions and more in this grand introduction of the CMT hammock chair.


Say hello to the most comfortable camping chair to take on all of your new adventures: The Cascade Mountain Tech Hammock Chair. This hybrid design combines the best aspects of hammock lounging and camp-chair chilling. Let’s unpack the features that make this chair unique.


The strong, foldable aluminum frame is reinforced at the joints allowing the chair to hold up to 250 lbs. It’s very durable. We’re talking pass-it-on-to-your-grandkids durable.

campground chair


With adjustable leg heights, this chair allows you to either sit low to the ground (we call this “beach mode”), or higher off the ground (“camp mode”). This adaptability let’s you adjust how you use the chair to fit the ground surface of where you’re sitting. Beach mode props you 10 inches off the ground so you can keep your beach day snacks within reach. Camp mode props you 16 inches off the ground, perfect for lounging by, and tending to, a campfire.

Lightweight Design

The Cascade Mountain Tech Hammock Chair weighs only 5 lbs. This makes it easy to transport, store, and take on any car-supported adventure or short-distance hike. This chair is also a backyard champ – light enough to whip off the top shelf in the garage and se up on the back porch when work from home turns into happy hour.

woman carrying foldable camping chair


In addition to this chair’s lightweight design, the included carry bag with adjustable shoulder straps makes it ultra-portable. This storage bag makes transporting the chair easy and allows for it to be stored neatly while simultaneously protecting it.

Beach Ready

No one likes when their chair sinks in the sand at the beach. The sand feet on the new Cascade Mountain Tech Hammock Chair prevent sinking into soft ground, so you’ll stay situated comfortable off the sand or gravel. And when the midday sun really starts baking, the mesh back, which allows for increased airflow, will be your best friend.


Maybe one of the most important features when thinking about buying a chair is comfort. Folks love hammocks because they provide true comfort in scenic outdoor settings. With this in mind, we’ve engineered everyone’s favorite features of a hammock into the new hammock chair. The innovative sling design provides your body with a hammock-like cradle. Meanwhile the breathable mesh back, built in padded headrest, and armrests give you the amenities of your favorite recliner.

man sitting in blue camping chair


We can’t forget about the organization features of this chair. The Cascade Mountain Tech Hammock Chair includes a built-in cup holder and two built-in cargo side pockets that are great for storing your phone, keys, book, or other adventure essentials.

cup holders on camping chair


Ready to get nerdy? This wouldn’t be a complete introduction of the new Cascade Mountain Tech Hammock Chair without a list of the technical specs. Here we go:


  • Camp Mode (legs unfolded): 16" from floor to seat bottom and 39" from floor to top of headrest
  • Beach Mode (legs folded): 10" from floor to seat bottom and 33" from floor to top of headrest

  • Weight: 5 lbs

    Packed Dimensions: 22" x 8" x 8"

    Material: Aluminum Frame and Mesh Back

    Note on Accessibility

    Increasing access to the outdoors, and to the gear needed to enjoy it, informs everything we do at CMT. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between camp comfort and your kid’s college fund. Still, it can sometimes be hard to find gear that’s not discouragingly expensive. At under $70, the price of the new Hammock chair might be the best feature of this modern marvel.

    5 Places You’ll Want to Use It

    Car Camping

    Get your butt off the campsite picnic table and use those wooden logs like they’re meant to be used: as a footrest while you lounge comfortably in hammock-chair heaven. The lightweight design and storage bag make this chair easy to pack and unpack, just toss it in the car during gear check. It’s perfect for all camp settings, whether you are just hanging out reading a book or sitting around a campfire making s’mores.

    friends camping around picnic table

    Sporting Events

    Remember the before times? When sporting events were a regular occurrence? They will be again before long, and this seat will be the secret weapon of the prepared spectator. Whether you are at a two-day soccer tournament, baseball game, or any other outdoor sporting event, the CMT Hammock Chair will keep you comfortable and ready to cheer on your team. Just don’t be surprised if the other fans get jealous of your new chair.

    Local Park

    Who says this chair is only for big car campaign trips and long beach days? Because of its portability and packability, the hammock chair is also a microadventure essential. It’s perfect to bring to the neighborhood park or block party. It’s truly an anyday, everyday chair worth keeping in the trunk or stashed in an easy-to-reach place in the garage.


    Did someone say bbq? Like Pavlov’s dogs my mouth is watering at the mere sight of those three little letters. Grilling up burgers, hanging out with neighbors, splashing in the pool – with its comfortable design and built in cup holder, you’ll be the king or queen of your summer shindig (you should probably keep a few hammock chairs around so you can share the royal comfort).

    Beach Daze

    There’s not much better than a sunny day spent at the beach in the summer. While you could just sit on a towel, your time at the beach will be made a whole lot more comfortable in a chair that’s built for the beach. No more craning your neck or tweaking your back trying to find a comfortable position to read in. The sand feet ensure that your chair will not sink while you are enjoying your time at the beach. And the sling seat design means you can enjoy your hammock comfort without any trees.

    Beach Daze

    There it is. Top to bottom. Inside and out. Sand feet to head rest. It’s the Liger of the camp chair kingdom – regal and soft, with preternatural toughness. It’s comfortable, packable, and portable, with an all new sling-back design. Whether you are heading to the mountains for a camping trip, to the beach to soak in the sun, or just having a barbeque in the backyard with your friends, you’ll be happy lounging in the Cascade Mountain Tech Hammock Chair. Head to the product page for more information about the chair and to purchase one for your next adventure.

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