Spotted on the Trail – August 2018

Spotted on the Trail – August 2018

We are so lucky to work live and work by so many wonderful hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest. Today we decided to take a break from work and go visit with those who are venturing to conquer the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). It was an absolutely beautiful day in the mountains and we met some interesting folks and got some burning questions answered! Matt, our Product Manager, even came up with a cool product idea – funny what happens when you associate with the folks who use your products! Oh, and the food was outstanding as usual – Hurry Curry was a hit!

Our favorite person we talked to today was "No Pants," hailing all the way from New Zealand (everyone has a trail name – his real name is Ned). Full of life and energy, he started in Canada and is heading to Mexico (a reverse from the standard). He asked if I had a notepad in my car that he could have so he could journal and I said I did but that he would have to grant us a picture with his Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Fiber Quick Lock poles (2 out of the 3 hikers we met had CMT poles!)

Here is Ned, AKA No Pants. The truth is, he forgot to pack pants for this journey, so he has been traversing wearing shorts only... what a champ!

He asked for a hug, which I happily condoned, trying not to think of the last time the stinky lad had showered. Great to meet you Ned!


  • Karine Bélanger

    I’m Karine and I’m a hiker. My biggest dream is to hike the PCT. I’m saving money to make it possible. I hike alot in my country (Canada) and also in the USA, in the Adirondacks. I wanna climb the 46 peaks of the adks. My trekking poles are from CMT. I’ve always been using them since the first second I started to use trekking poles. I’m in love with them and I bring them in every hike. I Will for sure bring them on the PCT!!! I love this company and there trekking poles are awsome!

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