Spotted on the Trail - September 2018

Spotted on the Trail - September 2018

Love is in the air this month, and it was spotted at nearly 8,000 feet up at the summit of Cima de Zita.

We are always impressed by where our trekking poles travel with people throughout the world, but they have officially outdone themselves this month! Not only did they make it to Italy, but they helped to renew wedding vows and celebrate a 30th wedding anniversary.

Thank you to Paul and Ellen for letting us share in their adventures. They are 30 years married and still living big! Cheers to the lovely couple who found such a great use for our Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Matte Black trekking poles.

"We spent 12 days completing the Alta Via 1. On day 10 we used the poles to create the Church steeple as we renewed our 30th anniversary wedding vows. It took place after we summited the Cima de Zita at Forcella de Zita Sud at 8008 Feet ‎⁨in the Parco Nazionale Dolomiti Bellunesi⁩, ⁨Longarone⁩, ⁨Italy⁩."

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