How To Occupy Your Mind and Body When Recovering From an Injury
By Author, Mountain Guide, and Outbounder Brian Dickinson After an injury and throughout the recovery period, it's hard not to sink into self-destructive and self-deprecatory thoughts, particularly when faced with a long period of inactivity. The hardest part is accepting... There's hope after an injury—and on the path to recovery, you'll grow stronger in body and mind. It's an unbelievably challenging process, but it doesn't have to be the end of the trail.
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6 Things to Know When Heading Out On Your First Mountaineering Expedition
(Words and Photos: Jamie Wise) I’ve officially fallen in love with mountaineering. Feeling on top of the world when reaching the summit, watching the sunrise and being surrounded by alpenglow-kissed mountains, panoramic views that one could only dream of, and... I’ve officially fallen in love with mountaineering.  I'm no pro by any means, but I hope by sharing some of the things I've learned in my PNW mountaineering adventures, it might help someone else get a little closer to standing...
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Trail Essentials: Everything You Need to Know About Trekking Poles
(Words by Sarah Bauchner, Photos by Frank Colorado and Dillon Crippen) The better you care for it, the longer you can use it. And we're not talking about trekking poles, we’re talking about our bodies. Whether you're interested in purchasing... We have created a complete guide to trekking poles and how to use them on your hiking adventures. We invite you to read on for valuable information on pole construction, tip covers, baskets, wrist straps, and ways to adjust them...
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couple camping together
(Words: Savannah Bulloch) One of my favorite memories growing up was hearing stories from my mom about her camping trips with her best friends. She would tell me about the fun activities and games they would come up with by... Camping with friends can often be a highlight of one’s year. Going off into nature with some of your closest buddies can form memories and bonds to last a lifetime. But it’s important while roughing it in the woods to...
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Backpacking 101: How to Prepare for Your First Backcountry Camping Trip
(Words and Photos: Mecca R. Dennehy) Backpacking is an incredible way to experience the backcountry. It’s camping but a thousand times better than your regular car camping at a 100-site campground. Being able to pack everything you need into a... Backpacking is an incredible way to experience the backcountry. Check out this comprehensive guide to prepare for your forest backpacking trip. From what gear to bring, to how to pack your backpack, to backcountry cooking, and trail etiquette, we hope...
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