Vantage Alpine Trekking Poles

Vantage Alpine Trekking Poles

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Comfortably and confidently hike uphill, downhill, or on flat terrain. The Vantage Alpine Trekking Poles with EVA Grip are made of lightweight and durable aluminum and are easy to adjust to the correct height, ranging from 26” to 54”. Expertly designed to reduce impact, improve traction, and increase speed and balance.


  • Comfortable EVA grip
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Easy quick lock height adjustment
  • Adjustable from 26-54 inches
  • Includes rubber tips, snow baskets and mud baskets


What height do I adjust my poles to? In general, adjust the sections equally so that when your arm is at rest by your side, your elbow is held at a 90-degree angle when holding the grip. For extended uphill, some people shorten the pole or you can simply use the lower part of the pole grip. Our twist lock and quick lock poles be extended to 54” from 26”; our folding poles extend between 45-55”.  

How do I walk with trekking poles? There isn’t a great way to explain this as it becomes a matter of personal preference and use. In general, note how your arms normally swing when walking – you are going to use the poles the same way. Some people use them in a single motion when climbing steep hills or steep descents. There are some great videos online as well.

Can I use my poles for skiing or tent poles or other uses rather than trekking? There is a simple answer to this – NO. Our trekking poles are designed for trekking and not for the excessive torque that skiing puts on a pole that can break or collapse under that kind of pressure. We do not warranty the poles for this use.

What is the best way to use the strap? Here is the recommended use of the strap and grip. If you need to lengthen or shorten the strap, you can pull the plastic wedge out slightly and then tug on the loose end to shorten the loop or pull on one side of the loop to shorten it. Firmly replace the wedge when you are done to hold it in place. The first time you pull the wedge out, you may need a tool since they have been firmly inserted in the manufacturing process.

Do I need tips on my pole? For most uses, no tips are needed. By design, the carbide tip is there to provide greater grip on most surfaces, tips defeat that purpose, in general. The rubber tip that comes on the pole protected the carbide tip during shipping. It can be used on fragile terrain or to protect floor surfaces (some trails – Machu Picchu require them). The “boot” tip is great crossing large boulders or for extended downhill or for added stability for someone requiring assistance on level ground. The sand/mud basket is helpful in deep sand or mud but for general use is not needed and only adds weight. The snow baskets are for use when walking in snow or snowshoeing. Do not use your trekking poles for skiing, either alpine or Nordic.