Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy Sleeping Bag

The mummy sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of gear you’ll need on your outdoor, overnight adventure.  When searching for the right type of sleeping bag, you’ll find that the mummy bag provides additional warmth over the traditional, rectangular style of sleeping bag.  This is because the form fitting nature of a mummy sleeping bag reduces the amount of air around the body, requiring less heat to be generated to maintain a constant temperature.

Cascade Mountain Tech offers high quality mummy sleeping bags, with 0° and 30° sleeping bags available in Classic or Adventure styles.  Our mummy bags are ideal for family outings, backyard camping or backpacking in Spring, Summer or Fall.  The lightweight, synthetic, polyester insulation is perfect to stuff back inside the stuff sack for easy traveling. 

Cascade Mountain Tech Mummy Bag Features

Cascade Mountain Tech believes in making outdoor adventure accessible to everyone, offering 4 different styles of our popular mummy sleeping bag. When choosing a sleeping bag with the right temperature rating, we recommend checking the lowest, forecasted night temperature and subtracting another 10° from that to be safe. Even when the temps are warm during the day, a higher elevation point like the Colorado Rockies or the Cascades of Washington State Park can see freezing temperatures at night.

Our avid explorers are always ready to help you decide which sleeping bag is right for you. All of our sleeping bags feature a full-length, dual zipper for easy access from inside or outside when nature calls and adjustable, removable straps on the bottom to secure a sleeping pad without slipping around during the night.

We offer two options in our classic style:

Classic 30° Mummy Sleeping Bag – EN rated for comfort down to 30° temps, this mummy bag will keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights outdoors. A full draft collar and draft tube seal out the cold air for all night warmth.

Classic 0° Mummy Sleeping Bag – All the same features of the Classic 30° sleeping bag with the added warmth of an EN 0° rating. The cinch cord with full draft collar and draft tube keep the cold out for a warmer night’s sleep.

Our two Adventure style of sleeping bags include:

Adventure 30° Mummy Sleeping Bag – Designed for comfort and warmth, this Adventure mummy bag is EN 30° rated and travels light with a compression stuff sack. Doze off under the stars and sleep in style with the cinch cord and full draft collar and draft tube keeping you warm.

Adventure 0° Mummy Sleeping Bag – EN rated for 0°, this mummy sleeping bag will keep you cozy and get you to your next designation with a good night’s sleep. Pack up tight with the compression stuff sack and head out on the trail warm and well rested.

Mummy Sleeping Bag Accessories and Benefits

Consider adding a sleeping pad which is easily attached to stay in place with the adjustable and removable straps on all our mummy sleeping bags. Sleeping pads by Cascade Mountain Tech are designed for comfort and easy setup, putting 2.5 “ of air-inflated insulation between your warm body and the cold, hard ground.

Enjoy the whole sleeping ensemble with a sleeping pad repair kit, camping pillow and stuff sack. With these comfy sleeping bags, the only thing keeping you up at night will be gazing at the beautiful stars or perhaps a howling at the moon, where you’ll be warm and cozy inside your mummy bag.

Cascade Mountain Tech offers the best in quality gear and products for an enjoyable outdoor adventure. We are dedicated to providing affordable exploration to everyone. Contact us with any questions about choosing the best sleeping bag for you and for more details about our mummy sleeping bags.