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Cascade Mountain Tech snowshoes are designed to take your hiking experience into the winter months with ease. Our snowshoes allow you to stay afloat while walking through snow-filled trails and mountain valleys. Getting in and out of these snowshoes is super easy – give the bindings a firm snug, secure the strap on the strap hooks, and you’re ready to go! Traction is provided by a steel crampon at the back of the snowshoe combined with an aluminum crampon towards the front. For moderate to steep slopes, the integrated heel lift can be raised to put your foot in a neutral position and alleviate calf strain and fatigue. Offered with a set of adjustable aluminum trekking poles, various pole accessories, and a convenient carry bag, the Cascade Mountain Tech snowshoe series provides quality and reliability for all winter explorers.

Purchase with confidence: All snowshoes come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty and Return Policy Details






Dimensions 22" x 8.6" 26.5" x 8.6" 30.9" x 9.25"
Weight/Pair 5.11 lbs 5.35 lbs 5.94 lbs
Optimal Load* Up to 150 lbs Up to 200 lbs Up to 250 lbs
Largest hiking shoe size 12 12 12+
Heel Extension Included? No No Yes

Optimal load*
 refers to the weight of the user plus the gear they are carrying

The 821 & 825 Snowshoe Kits fit most standard hiking boots up to size 12. Some oversized hunting or work boots may not be suitable for use with included heel strap. For shoe sizes 12 and above, we offer an Extended Heel Strap. 

The 930 Snowshoe Kit already comes standard with the Extended Heel Strap.

Which size is right?

We understanding picking your snowshoe size can be a bit confusing. Below are some questions we have received from customers. Follow these examples to help make your choice a little easier.

Sizing is based solely on the weight. So if the total load weight is 150 and you are 6 feet tall or 5 feet tall you would use the same size shoe. 

Person A: I weigh 190 Pounds, gear (boots, pack, clothing) weigh 15 Pounds, for a Total Load Weight of 205 Pounds. I am 6'4" and shoe size is 12.
Choose: 930

Person B: I weigh 160 Pounds, gear (boots, pack, clothing) weigh 20 Pounds, for a Total Load Weight of 180 Pounds. I am 6'4" and shoe size is 13.
Choose: 825 + Heel Strap

Person C: : I weigh 140 Pounds, gear (boots, pack, clothing) weighs 15 Pounds, for a Total Load Weight of 155 Pounds. I am 5'4" and shoe size is 8.
Choose: 825

Person D: I weigh 130 Pounds, gear (boots, clothing, pack) weighs 10 Pounds, for a Total Load Weight of 140 Pounds. I am 5'6" and shoe size is 8.
Choose: 821


To purchase an Extended Heel Strap Click Here


  • Integrated heel lift
  • Easy-pull binding 
  • Quick-release heel strap for uphill adventures
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Aluminum trekking poles with EVA grips ( includes 1 pair of rubber tip covers, snow baskets, and mud baskets)
  • Carry bag 


  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Deck: Plastic; HDPE
  • Front Crampon: Aluminum
  • Back Crampon: Steel

The storage bag zippers are not explicitly designed to lock, but a small luggage lock or zip tie can be used.

Other Helpful Videos:

How to use trekking poles

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Snowshoes FAQs:

While the shoes can be used on either foot, we recommend finding the Left and Right indicator on the pull tab of the heel lift.

The integrated heel lift alleviates calf strain and fatigue on steeper inclines. If you are snowshoeing up a steep incline, you’ll benefit from the comfort and efficient functioning of this helpful feature. To use, simply pull up on the rubber pull tab until it clicks into place. Now the heel of your foot will rest on the heel lift as you hike up the incline.

(Follow these instructions if the shoe is on the correct foot as described above.) • Tighten the straps by pulling the brightly colored rubber grip inwards until comfortable • To loosen, locate the smaller strap attached to the brightly colored binding tabs. Pull this smaller strap outwards.

 Easy Pull Binding 

 Tightening the heel strap

We recommend using a stable, insulated, waterproof hiking boot when snowshoeing.

Ski boots are too large to use with the snowshoes. Typical snowboard boots up to size 12 will fit in a Large (930) snowshoe.

They are unisex, just choose the proper load weight for your adventures. 

No. Trekking poles are recommend for increased balance and stability.

The included carry bag is large enough to hold everything included in the Snowshoe Kit. Start by laying one snowshoe on top of the other and put them into the bag with the toe pointed into the bag first. Then place your trekking poles and accessories in.

The storage bag zippers are not explicitly designed to lock, but a small luggage lock or zip tie can be used.


Cascade Mountain Tech snowshoes are recommended for adult use only.

While snowshoeing is a beginner friendly activity we recommend all users be properly educated themselves by taking winter safety and/or avalanche safety classes, and practice with your gear in a safe environment prior to hitting the snowy trails. 

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