How to Choose Walking Hiking Sticks and Trekking Poles


When hitting the trails for a nice long walk or hike, many adventurists want to know if they should use a walking hiking stick or trekking poles and how to choose the right one. Hiking sticks, also called hiking staffs, are usually used as a single pole, whereas trekking poles are typically used in pairs. Backpackers, hikers, walkers, and snowshoers can benefit from the added stability and support from trekking poles, depending on the type of terrain.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before hitting the trails with a hiking stick:

Check the length: Is the length adjustable? You want your hiking poles to allow a 90° bend at the elbow with the tips of the pole touching the ground. There are times, however, where you’ll want to adjust the height depending on whether you’re ascending uphill or descending downhill. The mechanism for adjusting length is important, it should be simple and secure. If it’s not quick and easy, most hikers won’t take the time to adjust. Check out this article on how to use trekking poles to get the most out of your hike.

Single staff or double poles: Choose a single walking hiking stick or two trekking poles, depending on the type of hike your planning. Two trekking poles will give you more stability on difficult terrain and provide additional shock absorption.

How to evaluate the features: Check out all the features such as shock absorption, foldability, height adjustability and the locking mechanism which are all important considerations. The type of material and weight of the pole are important depending on your weight conservation needs and the type of terrain.

What are the most important tips for using hiking sticks?: Practice. Find the right fit for you and then practice walking with a normal rhythm. It may seem a little awkward at first, but once you get used to the added stability when crossing streams, for example, you’ll love them. Using trekking poles or a hiking stick can help to keep you stable on declines or inclines and help to offset the weight of a backpack.

Walking Hiking Sticks, Trekking Poles, and Accessories?

Cascade Mountain Tech offers a wide selection of walking hiking sticks available in sturdy aluminum or lightweight carbon fiber. We help you choose the right length, features and accessories to propel you through the trails in comfort. Our trekking poles include padded and adjustable wrist straps, designed to protect your thumb in case of a fall, comfortable grip handles, your choice of tips and baskets and replacement parts.

Founded by avid outdoor enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest, we believe that adventure should be accessible to everyone. Cascade Mountain Tech offers a wide selection of gear and products tested for high quality performance. Contact us with any questions on choosing the right walking hiking stick for you.


  • Charles Dameron

    I bought the Al set, I like them. I have been trying them out on local walk around the neighborhood and trips to the store. Compared to my 6’ crooked neck walking staff they seem light as a feather. I would like more info on which tips are better for what terrain. Would the little boots be better on pavement. Winter has finally broken in the northeast… I am going hiking.

  • Dave Perry

    You offer cork or compost grips on trekking poles. What are advantages or benefits of each type of grip. (I have your composit grips which I like very much but am considering some for my daughter.)

  • Cascade Mountain Tech

    Hi Kathy Ho,
    Our Trekking Poles are made internationally but our headquarters is located in Washington State.

  • Kathy Ho

    Just a question.
    Are you trekking poles made in the USA or somewhere else ?

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