Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022 - Best Gift Ideas For Every Type of Outdoor Mom

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022 - Best Gift Ideas For Every Type of Outdoor Mom

May 03, 2022

From the day we were born, she's been a protector, a teacher, a guide, a friend. So, when Mother's Day rolls around, giving a gift to show our appreciation feels like a natural extension of that love. That does, however, put a lot of pressure on us to give a gift that's perfectly her. Though it's impossible to find one singular gift that encompasses just how much we love her, we can help you find something that's close.


Outdoor gear


Below we've put together the ultimate Mother's Day gift guide for every kind of outdoor mom. Whether you're looking to find her the most comfortable stadium seat for long hours of sideline support or a water filter that she can take on her next alpine adventure, this list is sure to have something perfect for your outdoor-loving mom.

mom in the mountains


For the Mountain Mommas who've taught us how to reach for new heights and stop to enjoy the view, the moms who love nature and take it with them wherever they go, who lead by example, we recommend a pair of snowshoes to keep her trekking from one season into the next, carbon fiber poles to keep her agile, and a water filter to keep her hydrated on her many backcountry adventures.

Water Filter
mom with monopod


For the Master Of Moments who would never let an opportunity to celebrate pass her by, the one who makes everyone stop to take a family photo because she knows how much you'll all cherish it one day, the one who always has time for a glass of wine and a story, we recommend a Monopod with a camera holder and smartphone capabilities, a wine tumbler that can go wherever she does, and a hammock chair for long hours of catching up with the ones she loves.

monopodwine tumbler
Hammock Chair
mom with cooler


For the Backyard Hostess with the Mostess who knows how to keep the party going, the mom who always has enough food to go around and would never miss a chance to light up the BBQ, the mothers who make the home feel like home, we recommend a cooler to keep the drinks cold for long hours of partying, pool noodles for relaxing in the water, and a lantern so she can keep the party going later into the evening hours.   

super coolerpool noodles
portable lightingmom watching sports


For the Sideline Superfan, who would never miss a game, the moms who know how to make their kids feel loved from little league to college, for the biggest fan of them all, we recommend a stadium seat for a VIP experience no matter where she's sitting, a travel tumbler to keep her drink of choice cold for hours of cheering, and a blanket for when those day games go into the night.

stadium seats
mom by campfire


For the Queen Of The Campfire who knows the importance of a home away from home, the mom who always has a deck of cards, extra gear, and a first-aid kit just in case, the woman with the spookiest campfire stories, we recommend an ultralight camp table for fireside cards, a high-back camp chair for well-deserved comfort, and an inflatable sleeping pad, because no mom should be sleeping on the ground.

As you worked your way through this guide, we hope you were able to find something she's been eyeing or something you know she'll love. If not, we know that simply being with you on her special day will be more than enough. Now go call your mom and tell her you love her!

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